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Visitor Information Centre


The Katikati Visitor Information Centre is located in the heart of Katikati at the Arts Junction.  What a perfect setting to showcase all that Katikati is known for, The Arts. 


If you love murals - Katikati is where it's at! Known as ‘New Zealand’s Mural Town’ - here you will find at least 76 pieces of art depicting the history of this bustling rural town. Dozens of colourful murals are painted on walls and commercial buildings, while impressive sculptures, carvings, mosaics and tapestries are also on display right across town.


Stroll down the acclaimed Haiku Pathway which weaves alongside the Uretara Stream in the heart of Katikati. This pathway is the only one of its kind outside Japan and features over 40 haiku poems which are carved onto river boulders. Each short poem has been chosen to reflect its location and provides a novel way to reflect on your peaceful surroundings.


This pathway also links up with the popular Bird Walk. Explore the Uretara estuary and wetlands just on the outskirts of town – home to lots of native birds and several more interesting sculptures.


There are many cycleways and walkways around the Katikati peninsula, offering stunning views of Tauranga harbour and a great opportunity for you to stretch your legs.


Nestled into the foothills of the Kaimai Ranges there are stunning walks through the native and regenerating bush.  30 minutes to a giant Kauri or overnight to local huts, its all at the doorstep.


Katikati is also known as the Avocado Capital of New Zealand.   Keep an eye out for roadside fruit stalls as your travel through. 


Call in to see the wonderful knowledgeable staff or download information right here and start exploring.

Bush Tracks of Katikati

Bush Tracks within 15 minutes of the town centre.

Download the map below.

Katikati Map

Download the street map of Katikati below.

(Left: Map

Right: Road Index)

Points of Interest

Download a list of interesting places in Katikati below.

Short Bush Walks in the Katikati Area

Download a booklet of local walks from the Tramping Club below.

Katikati Cycle/Walking Trails

Download a map of local cycle/walking tracks below.

Mural Map

Download a map guide to the Katikati town murals below.

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