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Film Fundraiser at the Junction Theatre

Love Drunk Champange
junction theatre opening invite.jpg

Wanting to raise funds for your organisation?

Movie screenings make for ideal fundraisers. not only because they raise money and awareness for not-for-profits and community causes, they are also loads of fun and relatively easy to hold.

The Junction Theatre, at The Arts Junction, 36 Main Road Katikati, offers a film fundraiser package.

Junction Theatre Film Fundraiser Package:
  • Ticket sales $20 per person with maximum seating of 38 boutique theatre style.

  • The host organisation supplies pre-film nibbles (and/or popcorn!) and pays cost of movie license.

  • Junction Theatre assists with promotion and  ticketing for 25% commission on ticket sales.


For more information and to check on availability call us on 07 549 5250 or email

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